30 years ago, an eager mountaineer and racing cyclist was on a mountain tour in the Allgäuer nightmares in heavy thunderstorm. In spite of his carried along rain clothing, he was dripping wet after a short time and had frozen solid as a result of it.

From now on, this should not happen anymore. He resolved to take up even the production of rain clothing which also stands firm to extreme weather terms and has all necessary functions.

His name: Wolfgang Hock. He founded his own company and moved his ideas of high-quality, functional and easy-care rain clothing strictly. In the beginning the company only offered bicycle ponchos and travelling ponchos, the assortment quickly grew around gaiters for cyclists, rain jackets, rain trousers and other things useful in the rain. The quality of the rain clothing got the word out on the product fast.

With untiring zeal , Wolfgang Hock devoted himself to the development of practical details which should make his rain clothing unmistakable. For example, the brilliantly easy dimensions and adjustment of the hood which was patented throughout Europe.

In 1997 Wolfgang Hock from the commercial life withdrew. Nevertheless, his idea of high-quality, practical, and functional rain clothing has remained and drives us, his successors, day by day.